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OnCater is a national catering marketplace , sales and other professionals with drop-off catering needs. oncater was founded in October 2022 but has roots stretching back to 2018, when online catering was literally being invented.

Oncater - Catering platform for companies, order online now.
Explore the advantages of OnCater!

We collaborate with premier local restaurants to enhance our culinary offerings for your event's success.

We make your job easier

We handle your entire order process from start to finish, making your job effortless throughout.

We help you with the budget

We help you with your offer with tools on our platform such as price filters, reviews, distance, food categories and others.


You can easily access and read reviews for all featured restaurants in our selection.

Prices of our associates

We have competitive prices in all restaurants in your area with discounts and promotions for our users.

Last minute?

You can find the nearest restaurant on our platform and place the order at the last minute, facilitating your work.

Innovative Menu Options

Offering creative and trend-setting dishes that delight guests and elevate the dining experience.

User-Friendly Ordering Platform

Easy-to-use online platform for seamless menu customization, option selection, and efficient order management.

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Increase the size of your company.

Expand your reach while maintaining the loyalty of your frequent customers.

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Oncater Mission


Oncater mission is to remain the premier online marketplace catering service in the nation by providing customers with the highest quality of service. Meet all of your company’s food needs with one nationwide platform, make their lives easier by holding our restaurant and catering partners accountable, backed by the best customer care team in the industry as validated by third-party review service


Catering is about delivering exceptional food and service experiences tailored to clients' needs. It involves high-quality, creative dishes made with fresh ingredients, customized menus, and professional, detail-oriented service. The goal is to exceed expectations, paying attention to every detail and adapting to dietary needs and event themes to create unforgettable dining experiences.

Oncater vision
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