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OnCater Terms of Use

Terms of use for the use of the platform and applies to the website www.oncater.com this is a contract between you and Oncater you are telling us that you have read, understood, accept and understand you are bound by these Terms and comply with all regulations and applicable laws related to your access and use of the Platform. If you belong to an organization or company, organization. You also accept the terms of Oncater and services, you also accept the specific terms of services, or changes that we make without informing the client or consent if you do not agree you can not use the Oncater platform. Our platform supports our partners' search for food. You can also select any restaurant and order food either for pickup or delivery, we are not a catering service, operator or restaurant. All our suppliers (restaurant) through our platform They are independent of Oncater and subject to the laws, rules, regulations of their businesses and services. We do not deliver, we are not responsible for the rules or laws or regulations of any food supplier or distributor, nor do we guarantee the quality or suitability of the food. Services, products, less, others, we are not responsible for acts or omission of a supplier or distributor of food, nor are we responsible for damages, loss, poor condition of the food, or food defects, nor are we responsible for fees for lawyers or other expenses, due to omission of a supplier or distributor, if you have any questions you can contact to support@oncater.com ( if you do not agree with any of these points you cannot use our platform.

All users. You must guarantee that you are over 18 years of age and that you or the organization has been eliminated, sanctioned or prohibited by our platform, and you also have the capacity and authority to accept all our terms for the use of this platform.

Use of the platform and registration. You agree to place all your personal information such as name, address, telephone and credit or debit card information, and that you agree to ensure that your username and password are secure and that it is confidential, and that we are not responsible for your We are not responsible for information provided to our platform nor to third parties, you also agree to update your data, by creating the account you are accepting our policies and policies, you must also notify us to our emailsupport@oncater.com if you become aware of any use or ungraded access to your account, we may also request information to identify your identity to ensure security, and all communication from your account we assume to have been made by you. Intellectual property and content of Oncater all the content of the web platform (Oncater) including all the intellectual property rights of the platform are the sole and exclusive property of us. The user can send, upload, publish, make comments or ideas and the others users can look at your comments and even information about you, these grant us a license worldwide, regional, in any country and is irrevocable, free of gifts and perpetual to use it as a copy, distribute it, sell it, rent it or transmit said user content in whole or in part and in which format, we can also use it to promote and distribute everything governed by Oncater's privacy policies. You acknowledge that any publication by you declares that you are responsible for all your comments, ideas, and we do not we are responsible for these, and we cannot be held responsible for these, the user cannot be offensive, inaccurate, indecent e, misleading or otherwise objectionable. You also agree that you will cooperate with us in asserting any defenses. You agree that we may in our sole discretion evaluate all User Content on our Platform. We also reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse to edit, move, delete any content at our discretion, we do not review or verify the information or content of users, any review or experience must be done before 30 days of your food delivery. We may delete or edit or revise if we determine, in our sole discretion, that it violates the terms. All our communications may be emails, calls, text to the cell phone you provide us, these may be generated by automated systems, recordings and others.

You authorize us to make a prior authorization of the credit card to verify if it is valid or has credit to make the purchase, you also authorize us to charge all amounts due for the orders you make at the time of your purchase. Cancellations of the order it is possible that a part or partial of the order may be charged if it cannot be delivered due to a wrong shipping address or the person is not at the address that the user placed when placing the order, the refunds are final, and they can be given as credits in Oncater or in the original credit card that the purchase was made, we also reserve to eliminate or review all the rates or other amounts on our platform, all courtesy discounts, offers we can make them at our convenience these are not transferable .we grant the right to use our Oncater platform as long as you do not violate the legal requirements that apply to our users if you do not comply we can s close cancel and revoke all access and use of the Oncater platform. The use of the Oncater platform for illegal things is strictly prohibited. Who publishes content by the user that deceives, discriminates, offensive, religion, sexual preference, libelous sexual, violent, origin of nationals which act illegal and giving rise to any civil or criminal legal liability are also prohibited, and violates copyright any commercial purpose, such as information gathering, copying, downloading, modifying, distributing, publishing, display, transmit, perform, reproduce, license, or reverse engineer. It is prohibited to use robots to prevent or circumvent, prevent, or limit access to our platform, as well as the use of our platform for money laundering, fraud, material containing software, security codes, computer, virus, malware, software lock, worm, self-destruction, crash device, malicious logic, trapdoors, Trojan horses blocking or deactivating devices, designs to interrupt, destroy, limit or damage the proper functioning of the platform will be penalized by law.

Oncater renounced all responsibility for guarantees, express, including merchantability, availability, accuracy or integrity of the platform or products, or calories, allergies, diets, packaging, transportation, the only responsibility would be the restaurant for the preparation, packaging, delivery, of the food purchased with our platform In no event is our liability limited to Oncater and its affiliated directors, shareholders, officers or all of our employees, as negligent, shall not be liable to you for direct or indirect damage.

Oncater can use all information given by your users or restaurants such as company names or personal names for direct advertising or for third parties intellectual property we will cancel any user of our platform if we see that they violate our copyright, and it will be communicated in writing that they violate our policies and will be legally sanctioned Any changes or updates to the terms will be made available to us without informing you. If you do not agree, you can stop using this platform. If you have questions, you can contact us at legal@oncater.com attn : legal department